Cybersecurity Speaker & Security Awareness Trainer

Jupiter Island, Florida

With technology playing an increasingly large role in the way we do business, and the way we go about our daily lives, it should be no surprise that the necessity for cyber and national security will also increase.


Richard Medel - For over 35 years, Mr. Medel has been shaping the evolution of technology and helping businesses and government agencies realize its full security potential.


(RSO) Regional Security Officer for Palm Beach County, Career Source

(IT) Information Technology Director in Palm Beach County, Career Source

(CTO) Chief Technology Officer for the 15th Judicial Circuit

(CEO) Virtual IT Security, LLC. a Cybersecurity Solutions Company.

Vital Records Manager, Palm Beach County, Career Source


· Seminar Topics

· Insider vs. Outsider Data Security Breaches 

· How Weak Internal Controls Lead to Breaches

· Latest Devious Malware Threats 

· Cloud Associated Security Breaches 

· IoT Security Breaches 

· Social Media Hacking 

· A Need for Computer Forensics 

· CyberSecurity Best Practices 


  • Richard Medel in Delray Beach, Florida
  • PRIVATE EVENT - KOLTER HOSPITALITY - CFO and IT Directors throughout the State of Florida 
  • Richard Medel in Orlando, Florida
  • PRIVATE EVENT - CAREER SOURCE - IT Directors throughout the State of Florida